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Flower business in Yunnan to embrace new techs

Updated:2019-07-10 18:01:44   Yunnan Gateway

The 20th Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE) is scheduled to be held in Kunming, Yunnan province between July 12 and 14.

As a related event, the Night of Flower Auction will be taking place in the evening of Saturday, July 13 at Kunming International Flora Auction Trading Center. 

For the past two and a half decades, Yunnan has always remained itself as the largest fresh flower producer across China. Flower is the synonym of the province.

At the event, Yunnan’s flower culture is planned to be demonstrated via multiple means, including data, images, videos, ornamental objects and even catwalk shows. 

The key concern of this year would be around the question of how to merge the current flower business with newly-emerged technologies, such as big data and 5G.

Over 2,000 flower shop owners will reportedly attend the event. 

Reporting by Bi Peng (yunnan.cn); trans-editing by Wang Jingzhong 

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