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Huize varicolored copper-wares highlight craftsmanship

Updated:2019-11-04 18:15:21   Yunnan Daily and Xinhua

The unique Huize varicolored copper-ware craftsmanship of Yunnan province is recognized as Chinese national-level intangible cultural heritage. 

Huize is a county that is famous for its copper merchants. Its varicolored copper-wares, known as "metallic gemstones" and "rare treasures", are highly aesthetic and true collectables.

It takes dozens of steps to make a work of varicolored copper-ware, such as variegating and hammering. 

A coppersmith needs to heat and hammer a sheet of copper tens of thousands of times. 

In today's Huize, Zhang and Dekang's varicolored copper-wares are among the most authentic. 

The local coppersmiths have passed down and carried forth the craft from generation to generation. 

Photographs by Yang Zheng from Yunnan Daily and Xinhua; editing by Wang Jingzhong 

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