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Indoor safari park debuts in Kunming

Updated:2019-07-02 16:03:59   Yunnan Gateway

What comes to your mind when the words of “indoor”, “animal” and “park” appear in the same line?

My Zoo, the first ever animal and pet theme park in Kunming, Yunnan province, was opened in the northeast of the city on June 29. 

Visitors are allowed to get in touch with nearly 100 kinds of small and middle-sized animals and undertake a “journey” in which the ecological transformation of our earth can be vividly experienced. 

The theme park provides a decent space for the public to observe and interact with these tiny creatures in a fairly close range.

Meanwhile, it is an ideal place where feeders and other staff can share their knowledge and stories in relations to animals.

Various natural settings, such as desert, forest and ocean, have been recreated in the park, so that animals from different parts of the world can verily feel at home. 

Here, citizens would probably find many animals they’ve never seen before, such as meerkats, marmots, kangaroos, capybaras and raccoons.

“The indoor safari park is still a novelty in China, and its primarily goal is to impart knowledge about science and the nature to the public, especially children,” said Wangxin, the director of My Zoo. 

“Before opening this park, it took us 3 years to collect information. We also visited a number of similar animal parks in the US, Germany and Japan, because we hoped to bring their ideas and managerial experience to Yunnan,” she added. 

The park enables children to prepare food according to the “recipes” of animals and hand feed them. A great amount of knowledge about the earth’s ecosystem, food chain, animals and plants can also be learned through a series of multimedia devices. 

“These animals will take turns to meet with visitors, according to their different living habits, and the role of our curators is to bring tourists and animals together,” said the director. 

A ventilation system which refreshes the air every 5 to 6 hours has been installed in the park, in order to maintain a pleasant indoor environment for both humans and animals. 

A maximum of 200 visitors are allowed to enter the park within an hour. 

Reporting by Wang Huan and Li Wenjun, trans-editing by Wang Jingzhong

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