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How to meme during the Spring Festival holiday

Updated:2019-01-31 10:49:37   China Daily

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Ironically known as "China's fifth great invention" (after the historical paper-making, the compass, gunpowder, and printing), memes are now an inherent part of Chinese people's daily lives. It's almost a little bit weird to talk to your Chinese friends without using memes.

They are a useful tool to express attitude and emotions, or to say what cannot be said directly.

As China's Spring Festival approaches, various memes are being saved in mobile phones so people can chat with the friends and family with whom they'll spend the holiday.

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An increasing number of memes are needed to use in different circumstances like asking for red envelopes, wishing people a happy new year or good luck, and "dissing" other people.

"Have you fallen in love with someone?" "When will you tie the knot?"

"When will you give birth?" "What's your annual salary?"

Faced with such serious, private questions, a growing number of young people in China almost fear going home for Spring Festival; being grilled on money and family pressure on marriage are two almost universal concerns.

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

To help you cope with different situations, here's a practical meme strategy.
If you're a Chinese reader, it may inspire you in an upcoming meme battle. If you're a foreign reader, it may help you better understand the most popular memes with Chinese people, especially the young generation.

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