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Province backing health-related tourism industry

Updated:2019-03-13 10:05:03   China Daily

The town of Dongba Valley in Lijiang is gaining a reputation as a destination for people to relax and recuperate, thanks to its growing development of combining tourism with wellness.

Located at the southeast foot of Yulong Snow Mountain in the Yulong Naxi autonomous county of Lijiang, the town is home to natural beauty and is a comprehensive resort full of ethnic culture, outdoor recreation and leisure sports.

With the development of the internet and the increasing demand of the tourism market, Yunnan province is becoming more popular, and in response, is developing wellness resorts to meet people's need for entertainment and health maintenance during their vacation.

To this end, the town has developed into a comprehensive resort integrating natural resources, traditional cultural experience and creative industry.

The resort consists of six sections ranging from the Dongba Valley scenic area, a tourist car camp of Dongba Valley, shopping malls and restaurants, health-related hotels and an art performance district.

In addition to scenic spots, tourists can enjoy the traditional Dongba Naxi culture such as Dongba character, Dongba painting, totem column and Dongba sacrifice, as well as ethnic intangible cultures incorporating tea and handmade ceramics.

Mou Xuemei, general manager of Lijiang United Holiday Travel Agency, said the combination of tourism with healthcare is different from the traditional hospitality industry.

Province backing health-related tourism industry

As a special holiday activity, recreation tourism focuses on specific groups who need healthcare, and have money and time, Mou said.

It features longer than usual stays, higher proportions of repeated consumption and a focus on physical and psychological health, she added.

To meet consumer demands for tourism that facilitates health, family gathering and business exchanges, the resort is constantly improving its offerings.

In the town, there are lodgings such as the French-based Gelle Freres Healing Hotel and Resort, the first such facility in Yunnan province. The hotel provides health services incorporating advanced healthcare equipment to assess fitness status and aid guests in customizing health plans, including diets, outdoor activities and exercises.

With its philosophy of health maintenance, the hotel combines functions of living and leisure to offer a comprehensive rehabilitation of body, mind and soul.

Editor: Wang Shixue

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