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Americans experience the charm of Yunnan

Updated:2019-06-11 17:42:10   Yunnan Gateway

Twenty teachers and students from the Champion School in Denver, Colorado, experienced the art of pressed flowers and tea ceremony on June 6 in the Yunnan-Taiwan Engineering Research Center for Characteristic Agriculture Industrialization (YNAU) in Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming.

"We attended flower-related workshop in the United States. Those flowers might come from Yunnan," said the American teachers and students, who felt familiar with the flowers in the YNAU. 

The Americans showed their curiosity seeing four tea specialists dressed in Chinese clothes sitting gracefully at the tea table and performing traditional Chinese tea ceremony. "Their clothes were special!" "What tea do they prepare?" After tasting Pu'er tea, the students asked questions about the tea and experienced the tea art.

The staff of YNAU introduced that Yunnan is famous for its flowers and tea. Yunnan Agricultural University has played an important role in supporting the development of flower and tea industries, and organized many exchange activities to promote traditional Chinese culture and its charm to global friends.

(Li Hengqiang)

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