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Rural teacher makes Yi embroidery popular with city dwellers

Updated:2019-08-09 18:10:24   XinHua

Ma Suying, a teacher of Yi ethnic group from Huangmaoling Central Primary School in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, devotes herself to promoting Yi embroidery.

Ma Suying has been working in rural schools for more than twenty years. About ten years ago, she teamed up with Shanghai volunteers to establish a programme in Huangmaoling , which has helped hundreds of students. In order to further improve the lives of local people, she has made efforts to promote Yi embroidery since 2017.

Featuring patterns of animals, plants, mountains, rivers and celestial phenomena, Yi embroidery shows the images of ancient totems and is known for beautiful designs and bold colors.

In 2017, Ma Suying and the volunteers from Shanghai founded the "Cloud Embroidery Workshop" where trainings for local female embroiders have been organized. The workshop is also engaged in designing and producing handicrafts with excellent workmanship and practicability.

Their effort proves successful,  as embroidery has brought handsome income for many families in Huangmaoling.

Now, Ma Suying has organized embroidery classes in Shanghai and the traditional craft becomes popular with local citizens.

By Ren Long of Xinhua News Agency

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