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Internet plus tourism helps Yunnan people live a better life

Updated:2019-01-04 18:42:42   Yunnan Gateway

"At the Kunming western toll station, the ETC lanes are unimpeded. The payment is automatically made through WeChat, and we can enjoy dual discounts. It's awesome!" commented a netizen by the name of Rattle & Hum on the non-contact mobile payment after a post of the WeChat public account “Yunnan at Your Fingertips”. This is just one of the stories about how Internet Plus Tourism helps improve people's quality of life.

In 2017, Yunnan province launched the “Yunnan at Your Fingertips” project and accelerated the development of Internet Plus Tourism. On December 26, 2017, Yunnan Tengyun Information Industry Co., Ltd. was established and began to focus on the development and platform operation of “Yunnan at Your Fingertips”. As China's first provincial all-for-one tourism service management platform, “Yunnan at Your Fingertips” led the construction of the country's smart tourism ecosystems.

After the joint efforts in the past year, the platform not only played an important role in the integrated development, transformation and upgrading of the cultural tourism industry, but also brought tangible benefits to the local people and tourists by connecting the industry with people's wellbeing.

The ETC plus non-contact payment is a new way of paying highway tolls first introduced in Yunnan province through “Yunnan at Your Fingertips”.

Starting October 30th, 2018, 664 ETC lanes in the province have adopted the ETC plus non-contact payment. As of 15:00 on December 26th of the same year, more than 154,000 users had registered for non-contact payment and the service had been rendered over 570,000 times, cumulatively collecting 14 million yuan of highway tolls. Now over 5,000 non-contact payment users are active on highways every day.

“Yunnan at Your Fingertips” boasts a tourism big data centre, two platforms (an integrated tourism service platform and an integrated tourism management platform), three tourism application ports (APP, public account and small program) and five systems (a digital identity system, a digital consumption system, a tourism complaint system, an AI service system and a digital integrity system). In addition, the integrated tourism management platform makes it possible to manage tourism through the mobile phone.

Text by Chu Donghua and Li Hengqiang; Photos by Li Hengqiang

Editor: John Li

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