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Azalea blossoms enliven Shangri-La in May

Updated:2019-05-13 18:32:26   Yunnan Gateway

In late April and May each year, the wild azalea fields along the tourist routes extend for 50 plus kilometers in Shangri-La of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, forming a spectacular sight.

With azaleas flowering on the undulating ridges, in the gullies and over the verdant hills, the Shangri-La tourist routes are turned into seas of lowers.

During the tour, visitors frequently stopped either to admire the general grandeur of the azaleas, or to appreciate the colors in detail.


In late May and June, the Balagezong scenic area in Shangri-La forms a site of azaleas. 

Walking near the natural Shambhala pagoda or on the Naidan pasture in the scenic area, you can sense the aromas of azalea clusters. They look red or yellow. 

Photographers from home and abroad gather in the area for photos beautiful sceneries.

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