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Innovative Auto Show unveiled in Kunming, SW China

Updated:2019-10-25 10:07:43   english.yunnan.cn

The 2019 Innovative Auto Show (IAS) kicked off at the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center in Yunnan’s capital city of Kunming on October 24.

The show which currently aims to give the attendees an opportunity to get close to and explore ultra-luxury automobiles has been held for 16 consecutive years since 2004. About 1,000 cars from over 100 domestic and international brands, such as Lynk & Co, Wey, Bentley and Lexus are on display.

Race tracks of five different types have, for the first time, been provided by the organizer, so that attendees can apply to test cars they are fond of during the show. Luxury brands like Rolls-Royce and Lotus are also opened to test drives through a lucky draw.

The auto show will last until October 28.

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