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Glass skywalk becomes new tourist magnet in Gejiu, S Yunnan

Updated:2019-10-30 16:21:01   english.yunnan.cn

A stunning skywalk made of glass and steel has been built up at the Laoyinshan Scenic Area in Gejiu, south Yunnan's Honghe prefecture of the Hani and Yi minorities. 

This is not a simple touristic site for visitors to enjoy amazing panoramic views of the city; it also functions as a fire lookout tower from where watchers can quickly spot smoke and prevent the occurrence of wildfire. 

Similar to Kunming's Xishan and Dali's Cangshan mountains, the Laoyinshan mountain plays as the natural backdrop of the city it is adjacent to. And this newly-built skywalk is the first attraction of such nationwide, overlooking a whole urban area. 

By constructing it, the municipal government expects to bring citizens tourists with new experience while raising the local tax revenue.

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