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Kunming old town: a quiet, trendy and lively place

Updated:2019-04-02 11:25:36   Yunnan Gateway

Located at the core of Kunming's historic area, the Kunming Old Town consists of six streets and fifteen lanes formed in the Ming and Qing dynasties. 

Strolling around the old town, you are surely to be impressed by the ancient roads formed by flagstones, antique shops and items sold there. All seem to be telling certain stories in the past.

For Kunming natives, the old town represents real life, vicissitudes of the times, a nostalgic air, and the plainness of ancient folks. The streets and buildings all have their own stories.

On weekends, there is a flea market where antique books, statues, seals, coins, and watches are on sale.

The antiques are historical witnesses. As time goes by, these seemingly ordinary objects have become artistic rarities.

The past is unforgettable for seniors yet hard to appreciate to the young. The nostalgic live in their memories, and they are infatuated with the antiques for some extraordinary feelings. 

Today, the Kunming Old Town carries both native memories and fresh elements, with the latter bringing the ancient streets back to life.

The old town, where the old and the new mingle, will have news stories in the new era.

By Zhu Dongran, Feng Yaxin, Yao Chengcheng and Wang Shixue

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