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Li’s kitchen (14): A light meal for summer days

Updated:2019-05-31 17:34:53   Yunnan Gateway

The world is beautiful, and at times I feel less is more. Recently, I granted my car a rest by riding an e-bike to work, and it turned out to be a much easier trip in the street.

The same is true for meals. In sultry summer days, I mostly have light porridge and vegetables. The meals are easier to digest and better for my body. Knowing the oily dishes are not always good, I find a special way to care for myself.

In my recent meals, I like to put together the following foods.

Fried fish

Before frying, the flathead fish is salted. When the fish is well fried, add to it some garlic and pepper powder to make it crispy and fresh.

Cool cabbage

The cool swamp cabbage makes a dish popular in southeast Asia, and I’m good at it. Essential ingredients in the cold dish involve lemon, garlic, parsley, hot pepper, fish sauce and others.


Porridge is easy to cook, and not so much to say here. Keep stirring might be the only key in boiling.

When I eat the fish, cabbage and porridge in turn, I feel they complement each other fine.

The natural light meal makes me refreshed after hours of work, and I like it a lot. Again, less is more at times.

By Li Wenjun, Zhu Dongran and Wang Shixue

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