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Li’s kitchen (16): A plain pancake

Updated:2019-11-21 16:21:51   Yunnan Gateway

I often have a good time in the morning. With brain cells fully replenished, I get out of the bed, my cozy nest. My rumbling stomach reminds me of breakfast, naturally.

On windy days in late autumn, it’s rather cold at dawn. If I don’t go outside for food, I have to cook at home. It’s a daily "to be or not to be" for me.

My own life is just like a pancake with green onion bits : plain, nutritious, full of taste and liked by many.

First, I found some white flour that has been in the kitchen for quite a while.

I feel it easy to cook a pancake. Having found some white flour that has been in the kitchen for quite a while, I prepared sausage, green onion, shrimp and egg. It’s my originality to add some shrimp, which turns out to be really tasty.

Having preheated the wok with a little bit cooking oil, I poured into the wok the evenly-mixed paste.

Then came a challenging step: to wield the 6kg wok in the air so that the pancake can be turned over to have the other side fried. It’s a test to my wrist. When the burning aroma comes, an egg is smashed evenly spread on the pancake, which is finally folded on a dish and served with some tomato sauce.

After the race against time, I shared my favorite breakfast with my child, who would eat ravenously. At dawn, I feel great for a new day is in store for all of us.

By Li Wenjun, Zhu Dongran and Wang Shixue

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