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A good view of Shangri-La in early winter

Updated:2019-12-05 17:03:17   Yunnan Gateway

Can you still remember the day when you first saw the golden sunrise at the Napahai Lake?

Do you have the lust to hike through the Pudacuo National Park, where your long-locked outdoor outfit is needed for a camping? 

And what’s your wish for the future when the big prayer wheel is turned on the hill near the ancient city of Dukezong?

In early winter, Shangri-La is even more peaceful, but what remains unchanged is the stunning scenery. 

Shangri-La, a place of unique sight in all four seasons, welcomes you!

Reporting Li Hengqiang and Li Wenjun; trans-editing by Wang Shixue

Keywords:   view Shangri-La early winter