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Li’s kitchen (17): A willful meal against harsh realities

Updated:2019-12-23 09:41:13   Yunnan Gateway

As autumn gives way to winter, Li cooks less frequently for he gets sort of pessimistic though working hard in the day. With good and bad moods interwoven in him, Li is losing sense of time. What does a day mean? Li wonders, lamenting.

Having stayed up for the just-concluded online shopping sprees on Nov 11 and Dec 12, Li looked as pale as those just falling out of love, and his wittiness was on the wane for he smoked heavily.

To make things worse, he also drank. The next day, Li felt dizzy and could hardly stand up in the restroom, with his waist and knees trembling. Li rushed to the sink, holding it firmly to avoid a fall. Seeing the pale face in the mirror, Li almost gave in to the harsh realities, wanting nothing but his deliveries on the way.

He wants a short cut to gain strength. Thinking of certain theory in traditional Chinese medicine, he ignored purine, blood pressure, cholesterol and others.

Taking some cash, Li went to the morning market for some chopped pig bone, a pair of fresh kidneys, and two pig liver tips. Rushing back home, Li set down to his special dish.

Li first boiled the chopped pig bone with black pepper for a while. With great care, he cut the liver and kidney into slices, removing the inner veins and white fascia. Next, Li thoroughly washed the slices and evenly cured them with soy sauce and sweet potato flour. 

Having cut radishes and carrots, he boiled them with the chopped bone for an hour, during which Li fell into meditation.

When the kitchen is filled with the mixed aroma of pork and radish, Li scooped the soup into a thin-bottomed pan and heat it. Finally, he put the kidney and liver slices into the boiling soup, which is followed by the sprinkling of chopped leeks, green onions, sesame oil drips.

Li felt it a bit silly to just fill his stomach with pig viscera, so he also took his daughter's leftover: a fried dough stick, which he also cooked and swallowed.

In cooking the meals, good or bad, junky or nutritious, Li tried to make his days meaningful, seeking inner peace from chaotic times. For him, a willful meal is necessary in face of harsh realities. 

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