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Building people-to-people ties between China, Malaysia through joy of festive food

Updated:2020-01-21 10:44:53   XinHua

Guests at the Walking Reunion Dinner on Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve were treated to an array of delicious food on Monday night, as part of fostering closer people-to-people relationships between China and Malaysia.

Jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, China's Lanzhou city government, and Western Mahua Group and the World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry, the cozy dinner reception saw some 80 guests comprising Malaysian government officials, business people and others gather in the spirit of good food.

Among those present were Malaysian Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, with Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Bai Tian warmly hosting all those present and explaining the significance of the dinner.

"Chinese New Year is the grandest and most important festival to celebrate in Chinese culture. Especially during the Chinese New Year's Eve, all family members, no matter how far they are, will come back home and get-together with their family members and loved ones, for the reunion dinner," said Bai.

"It's a feast of unity and celebration. Having everyone in the family to sit next to one another at one table, sharing the food, sharing the joy of togetherness, sharing the love of family. It is also an important occasion to bid goodbye to the past and welcome a brand-new year together," he said.

All the dishes served were prepared according to halal requirements to cater to the Malaysian guests, while their quality and variety were a match for other Chinese cuisine which is well known for its diversity and huge variation of styles.

Prepared by 10 Chinese chefs, who were flown in especially for the feast, the event is considered as one of the highlights of the China-Malaysia Year of Culture and Tourism 2020.

Speaker of the lower house of Malaysia's parliament Mohamad Ariff bin Md Yusof said the opportunity to sit down and share a meal with friends was something he cherished, all the more being able to try out new food.

Malaysian government's special envoy to China Tan Kok Wai singled out the fried stone moroko with safflower as his favourite but also commended the Lanzhou beef noodles which were hand prepared in front of guests.

"China is huge and diverse and that is reflected in the array of food that different provinces have. We are lucky to get a sample of what the country has to offer but remember this is also a small selection.

"And for the Chinese it is not just the taste, but the presentation as well," he said.

Malaysia-China Friendship Association President Abdul Majid Ahmad Khan said he appreciated the effort by the organizers in bringing together people from both countries together for the event, giving him an opportunity to try Chinese halal cuisine.

"I really enjoyed the duo-flavored dumplings and the cherry flavoured mutton. That was something new to me but the atmosphere is very conducive to new experiences. I hope we will leave this dinner with a closer bond," he said.

Editor: John Li

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