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Yunnan to provide free health examination for migrant workers

Updated:2020-02-12 12:34:22   China Daily

Migrant workers who need to go to work far away from home in Southwest China’s Yunnan province can get free services of health examination before they set out, an effort to assure them and their employers that no one leaving the area is infected with the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

This is a measure to help the migrant workers, who are mostly from rural areas, can have jobs in the new year, Shi Likang, deputy head of Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, said on Tuesday in a news conference.

In addition, the province will provide free and customized transport services, including charter airplanes, trains and vehicles, to send workers to their work places in other provinces, an effort to make sure they will not get infections during trips, Shi said.

More than 100,000 posts are available for them from nearly 400 employers in five provinces and cities, including Shanghai, and provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, which are the major destinations of migrant workers from Yunnan, according to the bureau.

Human resources agencies that have successfully introduced job opportunities to those migrant workers will be given subsidies as an encouragement to help them get jobs, official said.

Reporting by Li Yingqing and Zhang Yu (China Daily); editing by Wang Jingzhong

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