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Summer guideline for Covid-19 containment

Updated:2020-06-24 11:33:25   Yunnan Gateway

China recenly released summertime guidelines for Covid-19 containment.Here are points closely relevant to our daily life.

In the kitchen

1.Clean water and foods. In buying and eating meat, aquatic products and others, make sure they are clean and fresh. Use pure water to process foods, clean cooking wares and wash hands.

2.No washing raw meat at the tap in case of possible pollution. Having touched raw meat, you should have a 20-second handwashing. Do not rub your eyes or nose when dealing with fresh foods.

3. In processing and storage, raw foods should be saperated from the cooked to avoid cross infection. Do not eat raw aquatic products.

4. Full cooking. Meat, aquatic products and others should be cooked thoroughly.

5. No shared package and storage. Raw meat, water products and others are packed separately, and do not mix the raw with the cooked.

6. Eat divided meals and use common spoons and chopsticks.

Going shopping

1. Good health habits. Protect yourself well during shopping or dining, keep social distance, and wash hands after shopping.

2. Avoid visting markets or supermarkets that can only be reached by crowed public transport.

3. No direct touch to the goods. You can wear gloves or use shopping bags.

4. Avoid stray animals, trash and waste water in the market.

5. Never have game or poultry of unknown origins.

When air conditioner on

1. In using the split air conditioner, ventilate the room for 20-30 minutes every 2-3 hours

2. Temperature indoors is kept at no less than 26 degrees Celsius.

3. If possible, do not close the doors or windows to a full when the air conditioner is running. 

In using public transport

1. Pay by QR codes and book tickets online.

2. Avoid crowds. Try to keep the 1-meter social distance when queuing.

3. Wear disposable medical masks all the way, and use a new one when necessary.  

By Gateway reporters 

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