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“Go Yunnan, See Xiaokang” media tour kicks off

Updated:2020-09-21 18:39:01   Yunnan Gateway

“Go Yunnan, See Xiaokang”, which is a media tour by news networks, was launched on September 21. 

2020 marks the year when China builds up a Xiaokang/well-off society in all respects, while getting rid of poverty.

First appearing in the Book of Songs, China’s oldest collection of poetry, the word “Xiaokang” represents a social ideal depicted by ancient Chinese thinkers. Now a moderately prosperous society in all respect is the common aspiration of the 1.4 billion Chinese people.

The 5-day event is sponsored by the Office of Yunnan Cyberspace Affairs Commission and organize by Yunnan Gateway of Yunnan Daily Press Group. 

Here are the major stops during the tour: Kunming area of Yunnan pilot FTZ, Yuxi City, and Honghe Prefecture. 

In the Kunming area of China (Yunnan) pilot free trade zone (FTZ), network reporters will visit the area’s service center, the cross-border o2o trading center, and the Kunming arbitration center for international commerce. 

In Central Yunnan’s Yuxi City, they will visit the Daying community, a model of rural well-being, and the Hutian community, an old people’s home with innovation.

In south Yunnan’s Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, the communicators will investigate the international cooperation platform of "Mountain Futures", which is jointly created by the CAS Kunming Institute of Botany, the Beijing-based Institute of Animal Science of CAAS, World Agroforestry Center and Honghe County Government. 

In Honghe County, they will focus on local efforts in poverty reduction via science, eco-conservation and cultural tourism. 

Their reports will be posted on Chinese and overseas social networks. Yunnan Gateway will open special web pages for the event, publishing the news in the languages of English, Cambodian, Thai, Laotian and Myanmar. 

The news will appear on "Amazing Yunnan", which is a multi-lingual network run by Yunnan Daily Press Group on Facebook, INS, Twitter and others. 

The articles will also be published on Yunnan Daily’s media partners, including Vientiane Times in Laos, The Pioneer in India, The Nation in Thailand and Jana Aastha National Weekly in Nepal, as well as the US-based Los Angeles Times and International Daily News. 

The media tour aims to inform the audience home and abroad of the Chinese stories in getting rid of poverty, showing the Chinese efforts in building a well-off society and the Yunnan practices in poverty alleviation.

By Gateway reporters 

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