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Yunnan's top community features villas and dividends

Updated:2020-09-27 16:58:58   Yunnan Gateway

Located in central Yunnan's Yuxi city, Daying Jie used to be a village of a 600-year history, and now it is also an example of China's common prosperity.

In the eyes of most Yunnan natives, every family in the Daying Jie community has a beautiful villa and yearly dividends, all children receiving a good education. Daying is the top community in Yunnan.

Network reporters visited the Daying Jie community on September 22, talking to local folks about changes in the well-off, or Xiaokang society.

Chen Baorong, head of the Daying Jie community committee

Since China's reform and opening up, the community has blazed a new way for common prosperity in the socialist rural area.

Housing mirrors the well-being of the people. And now the per capita floor area in Daying is 80 square meters. The children are well educated, the adults are fully employed, and the elderly and the ill are well looked after.


"To my understanding, Xiaokang means not only taking good care of the kids and the elderly, but also forging a pilot area for rural rejuvenation. Daying needs to be a popular destination where visitors don't want to leave."

Huang Xingbang, a retired teacher

As a Daying native, I'm 79 years old now. In my leisure time, I often take my Erhu and musical scripts to the community, to meet my friends here for music.

Now most members in the community enjoy industrial dividends, living a well-off life in a beautiful environment. And we are in good mood.


"I guess Xiaokang means the retired friends can meet often, exercising, singing and playing chess together. In a word, the elderly can still have a wonderful life."


Zeng Yuping, deputy general- manager of the Huilong spring garden

The Huilong spring garden is a 4-star scenic area in the Daying community. Since its upgrade in 2017, the garden receives around 200 visitors daily.

In the future, the community will focus on tertiary industry such as tourism. In upgrading the conference center and the guest room area, we plan to invite in international brands. We will set up our own company for hotel management and train more local staff members.


"My vision for a Xiaokang life is that every family, together with their children, can bath in the spring weekly or monthly." 

He Jinchun, a staff member with Yuxi Shuisong paper plant

I've been working here since 1989. I'm lucky to work here because the paper factory is thriving. I have a stable income, looking after my family and living in a good environment.


"I think Xiaokang means your job can ensure your family a happy life. With a promising future on my mind every day, I am leading a well-off/Xiaokang life now."

Xin Baoyun, worker at a community company

Living in a spacious house makes me happy these years. With medicare readily available, I enjoy free parking place, free community services, and free preschool education for kids. In my leisure time, I go swimming or plant some vegetables with my family.

"I see Xiaokang as having enough to eat andwear while enjoying a happy life when aged. All are pretty much true now."

By Gateway reporters 

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