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Reporters look into eco-conservation in Chengjiang

Updated:2020-09-27 17:58:04   Yunnan Gateway

51 Chinese reporters with People's Daily, Zhejiang Daily Yunnan Daily and others, paid a visit to central Yunnan’s Chengjiang City on September 26, looking into local efforts in eco-conservation.

Chengjiang is home to the pristine Fuxian Lake, a scenic area that invited in tourists across the world. Also, the city is famous for the Maotian Mountain National Geo Park, which is a trove of prehistoric fossils. 

To protect the beautiful lake and the fossil site on the world heritage list, Chengjiang city has focused on ecological protection over the past years, resettling lake-side folks and planting more trees to cut pollutants.

Chengjiang aims to build an eco-city of leisure, outdoor sports, conference, exhibition, and agro-tourism.

Source: Yunnan Daily; trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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