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Yunnan’s tobacco income to reach 160 billion yuan by 2025

Updated:2020-09-27 19:15:48   Yunnan Gateway

The operating income of the tobacco industry in Yunnan province will amount to around 160 billion yuan by 2025 and 180 billion yuan by 2030, according to an industrial development plan/decision recently issued by Yunnan government. 

Yunnan is an outstanding tobacco producer in the world, harvesting 45% of China’s tobacco leaves and making 20% of the cigarettes in the country.

"Facing the national sluggish growth of tobacco industry in recent years, Yunnan should embrace innovation and closely follow the new trends globally, developing new tobacco products to achieve high-quality development," said Pu Lihe, deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

To cultivate a tobacco industry worth at least 100 billion yuan, Yunnan need to digitalize its tobacco industry in terms of planting, processing and marketing. By creating novel tobacco products, Yunnan strives to be a pioneer of the tobacco industry in the domestic and international markets.

The decision noted Yunnan will be guided by the market, adding that over 60% tobacco leaves in its core growing area belong to the high-quality ones. The province will also join hands with farmers, factories and e-commerce operators to forge to a good business environment for the tobacco industrial. 

Reporting by Pu Meiling (Yunnan Daily); trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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