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Fish fries are released into Dianchi for biodiversity

Updated:2020-11-06 17:32:32   Yunnan Gateway

Beginning on November 5, fish fries of the silver carp, bighead carps and crucians have been released into the Dianchi Lake in central Yunnan’s Kunming for a richer biodiversity. 

The activity will last till the end of December. By then, a total of 1,052 tons of carps, together with 9.43 million crucians will be put into the lake to balance its ecology and improve water circulation in particular. 

Kunming City has spared no effort in bettering biodiversity of the Dianchi Lake. Over the years, large amount of vegetations were imported and planted around the lake, involving 30 magaphanerophytes, 18 ball plants and 34 species of aquatic plants. 

As a result, original snails that had been missing for 20 years were rediscovered in 2019, when the lake area was visited by experts with the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology.

Source: Xinhua, Yunlingxianfeng Magazine and Kunming Daily; trans-editing by Wang Shixue 

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