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Rice noodles with tofu, a special snack in Yunnan

Updated:2020-06-28 18:13:47   Yunnan Gateway

In Kunming, Yunnan province, rice noodle is a favored snack, especiall rice noodles with light tofu.

When it comes to rice noodles with tofu, the Deshengqiao brand is quite popular among local folks. 

Founded by Yang Meihuai in 1984, the shop of Deshengqiao rice noodles with tofu has grown into a chain restaurant over the past 30 plus years. Now it has dozens of branches in the spring city. 

Making the tofu rice noodles is easy, with the key being its ingredients. And here are the steps. 

1. Put some rice noodles into hot water. Stir slowly to make them evenly cooked.

2. Put the cooked noodles back into a bowl.

3. Add a tablespoon of fresh tofu.

4. Finally, add the ingredients onto the rice noodles and bean curd.

Before eating, diners usually mix the ingredients with rice noodles and light tofu. 

The essential ingredients include soy sauce, cured vegetables, rice noodle sauce, chili oil, chopped leek, peanuts, and peppe.    

Wihile serving Kunming folks with nice snack, Yang Meihuai also devotes herself to charity.

Her money from selling the tofu rice noodles is used to build roads in her hometown or help the poor children in their schooling. 

Since 1992, she has donated more than 400,000 yuan. 

Source: Xinhua; trans-editing by Wang Shixue and Yuan Yingcen 

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