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Merry folk activities to happen in Eshan County

Updated:2020-01-09 17:52:32   Yunnan Gateway

Various entertaining folk activities will be held in central Yunnan’s Eshan Yi Autonomous County during the coming Spring Festival holiday, in a bid to boost local tourism. 

The activities will kick off on the first market day after the Chinese lunar new year, when locals will wear traditional Yi costumes and gather in town.

Staring from their villagers, the Yi folks either play the drum or horn, while dancing to the dragon-lantern tunes all the way.

When the folks finally gather in town, traditional rituals will be held to pay tribute to the dragon and drum, all praying for good weather for the crops, good health to domestic animals and a bumper harvest neat year.

Other entertainments involve Yi martial arts, acrobatics, rooster fighting, bonfire parties and others. And the enchanting oil-seed flowers will draw in visitors for pictures.

Source: Yunnan Net; trans-editing by Wang Shixue 

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