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Cured COVID-19 patients in Yunnan donate plasma to save more

Updated:2020-02-20 10:28:03   Yunnan Gateway

Two recovered coronavirus patients in Yunnan province donated their blood plasma on Wednesday in an effort to save others.

Ms. Li, a 22-year-old Wuhan native, donated 400 millilitres of plasma at the Kunming Blood Center in the afternoon.

"I am lucky that my plasma can help save others," said Li, who was hospitalized in Kunming for 10 days and has just recovered from the pneumonia. Now, she is in good health thanks to sound care by local medics.

The other recovered COVID-19 patient surnamed Zeng donated 200 mls of plasma at 15:00 in Xishuangbanna Blood Center, having finished a physical checkup.

"I’m here to donate plasma with gratitude, for I was cured in the People's Hospital of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture” said Zeng, wishing the disease will soon be resolved through joint efforts.

Antibodies were recently identified in the plasma of some patients. And initial results have indicated the effectiveness of plasma transfusion in curing patients diagnosed with COVID-19 infection.

Reporting by Liu Yun and Liu Dong; trans-editing by Wang Shixue; with inputs from Xinhua

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