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Rape-seed flowers shine in river-side Yunnan fields

Updated:2020-03-12 12:20:11   Yunnan Gateway


Pictures taken by People's Daily network reporters show the shining rape-seed flowers in the Tanglangchuan river-side fields, central Yunnan’s Anning City. 




Yunnan has become a sea of lowers in March. Along the Tanglangchuan river, more than 2,000 Chinese acres of rope-seed flowers are blooming, with the Qinglongxia (blue-dragon valley) scenic area lying in the vicinity.





The road leading to Qinglongxia is heavily decorated by cherry flowers in early spring, and it takes around one hour for tourists to drive there from downtown Kunming.



Reporting by Xu Qian and Cui Yongjiang; trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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