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Cranes at Dashanbao fly back to northern prairie for breeding

Updated:2020-03-26 11:12:49   Yunnan Gateway

The number of the Black-necked cranes that wintered at the Dashanbao nature reserve in northeast Yunnan was calculated at 384 on March 25 by local conservationists, meaning that most cranes have left for their breeding habitats in the north. 

The 2019 winter has seen a maximum of 1,383 black-necked cranes in the Dashanbao reserve. Since mid-March, the temperature has been on the rise, and wintering cranes began their northward journey to the Ruoergai grassland in north Sichuan province.

In the days to come, staff members at the nature reserve will continue their monitoring and protection effort till all the cranes leave Dashanbao safe and sound.

Reporting by Shen Xun and Zheng Yuanjian (Yunnan Net); trans-editing by Wang Shixue 

Keywords:   Cranes Dashanbao prairie breeding