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High time to admire Jiulong waterfall in east Yunnan

Updated:2020-09-15 19:13:57   Yunnan Gateway

Pictures taken on September 12 show the magnificent Jiulong (nine-dragon) waterfalls in east Yunnan’s Luoping County. 

Persistent rainfalls these days resulted in a surge of water amount, forming rapids and torrents in the Jiulong river course. Following showers of rain, misty scenes and rainbows appear near the river. 

Located 22km northeast of the Luoping county seat, the ten-cascade Jiulong scenic area is highlighted by the giant Shenlong (magic-dragon) fall. It is over 70 meters high and 120 plus meters wide. 

Reporting by Zhang Hongke (Xinhua); trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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