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New Year of Lisu people lures tourists to Kunming

Updated:2020-10-13 14:40:46   XinHua

Tourists take part in the Kuoshi Festival celebration 

This year, China’s National Day holiday coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival (or Mooncake Festival), one of the most important moments for family reunions in the country over a year.

Meanwhile, a series of activities and events were held inside the Yunnan Nationalities Village between October 1 and 8 in Kunming, the province’s capital city, to celebrate the New Year (also known as Kuoshi Festival) of Li Su people dwelling in northwest Yunnan.

Over 40,000 tourists flocked to the place and joined the celebration.

Dozens of Lisu artists from Nujiang, Lixiang as well as Shangri-La sang and danced at the village, showing their hospitality to visitors and tourists.

A unique performance with local young men climbing a ladder built by sharp knifes was put on stage.

In addition, tourists have also been given opportunities to learn traditional Lisu archery and try local ethnic snacks.   

Kuoshi, as the most important traditional festival of Lisu people, is normally celebrated in October or December. Home-made wine, corn pancakes as well as a choice of meat dishes are typical food to be enjoyed during this festival.

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