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Art show on spatial poetics opens in Kunming

Updated:2020-11-17 17:13:53   Yunnan Gateway

An art show entitled “Worker Ants Build the Nest —— Luo Xu’s Poetics on Space” opened at the IWE Art Museum in Kunming, Yunnan province on November 13. 

Arranged in chronological order, the multi-media art exhibition fully presented the exuberant vitality and wild imagination in Luo’s artistic works. The show will last till the end of the month. 

During the art show, Luo Xu will share his ideas with visitors on the spot. As a Yunnan native, Luo has created the Aboriginals’ Nest in Kunming, the Oriental-Style Tourist Town in Mile, and the Ant-Man Archway in Jianshui.

Beijing University, Yunnan University, the University of Chicago and local cultural institutions joined hands in hosting  the art event. 

Reporting by Hou Tingting (Yunnan Daily); trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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