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'Girl on the wheelchair' embraces new life after admitted to university

Updated:2020-01-13 14:55:33   China Daily

The family helps Xu Ruiyang go upstairs on campus at Sichuan International Study University in Chongqing. [Photo/Sichuan International Study University]

When she started learning to write, she found that her handwriting on paper was very light as her hands didn't have enough strengthen. Sometimes, she couldn't even hold a pen. But she never give up. Once she lost the pen, she picked it up and continued writing.

After practicing thousands of times, Xu Ruiyang finally learned more than 1,000 Chinese characters and could write 500 Chinese characters before becoming a primary school student. Over the past few years, Xu has overcome many problems and challenges, including for example, having to endure the pain caused by the severe deformation of the spine. Her parents worried about her physical conditions and advised her to drop out of school, but Xu's answer is no.

"As soon as I read a book and do my homework, the pain was gone," said Xu Ruiyang. When asked by reporters on how to deal with setbacks and frustrations, Xu Ruiyang thought briefly and calmly said, "Patience. Under circumstances that you can't change, crying is useless and it will bring negative energy to others. "

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