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Jinuo scenic village invites in visitors

Updated:2020-12-18 16:19:35   Yunnan Gateway

Jinuozu Township is located in Jinghong City, south Yunnan’s Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. Inheriting the Jinuo ethnic culture with conservative practices, the township has built up a famed Jinuo-community scenic area centering around its Bapo village. By epitomizing the distinct Jinuo culture, locals have better marketed Jinuo cultural products and increased the villagers’ income. 

Bu Lurao, a local villager, serves as a tour guide in the scenic area. Every day, she and other team members guide five or six tourist groups. “I earn at least 30 yuan in guiding each tourist group, and the monthly income adds up to over 3,000 yuan.” The Jinuo mountain village has 30 plus tour guides, who have served around 400,000 visitors. Of the 142 staff members in the scenic area, ethnic minorities make up 86 percent, with the Jinuo workers accounting for two thirds. 

The Jinuo village has set up a distinct-product street, bringing traditional Jinuo crafts back to life and paving the way to marketing the ethnic specialties. Che Qie, a local villager, runs a stall near the village gate, selling crafts and fruits. During the peak tourist season, his daily sales volume reaches around 7,000 yuan, with the annual income amounting to over 300,000 yuan. 

Senior artisan Bai Naxian, together with other nine villagers, established the Giant-Drum Cooperative. They made the Jinuo drums and other ethnic crafts, and by selling the products, the cooperative members earned substantial income. “Before the Jinuo scenic spot was set up, we had nothing to do but to farm. Now, almost all villagers are busy: Some are working in the office or running roadside stores, while others are operating farmland canteens and farmhouse inns.” Wang Chaoxin, Party chief of the Jinuoshan township, thinks the future is promising as long as they are busy. 

Thanks to development of rural tourism over the past years, the Jinuo village has assumed a brand new look. Bapo used to be a mountainous village full of dirt, disorder and poorly-behaved folks, but now the village features fresh air, clean environment, delighted visitors and pleasant lifestyles. Local management provided the village with drinking water, road access and social security for the needy. With the basic needs satisfied, locals can now focus on tourism for prosperity.

Reporting by Li Jihong; Xinhua photos; Trans-editing by Wang Shixue 

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