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What're the plain wishes of Kunming folks after the epidemic?

Updated:2020-02-19 11:31:47   Yunnan Gateway

What're the plain wishes of Kunming folks after the epidemic? Click the video above to know more... 

Kunming! I miss you.

Hello, Kunming!
For some obvious reason,
You and I have changed recently.

Now you’re quiet as if a pause button were hit,

While I have to put on a mask and close the door,
Day after day...

Walking on the Kunming streets,
I can't see the daily traffic flow,
Nor can I hear the hubbub of the past,
Let alone taste the favored snacks...

Kunming, are you Okay?

Kunming, I miss you a lot.


Hey, Kunming! I miss you.
I miss your roadside barbecues.

I miss grilled potatoes, stinky tofu, pork with pickled cabbage, across-the-bridge rice noodles, fried potato pies, cool jelly, and others.

I miss the dishes of potted rice noodles, rice noodles with tofu, cold rice noodles, rice noodles with catfish or others.

All these are traditional snacks in Kunming.

I also miss the morning roadside stalls that sell rice cakes, glutinous rice balls, fried dough sticks, and soybean milk or jelly.

I’d like the plain fried potatoes,
Even a frying pan reminds me something in the past.

I’d like to have a hot pot,
Which, to me, is indispensible in winter days. 

I’d like to drink a milky tea,
Without which I can never be happy.

Yet what I want most is the grilled Zhaotong meat strings.
The sizzling sound forms musical notes for me late in the cafeteria. 

Kunming, I miss you so much.


Hello, Kunming! I miss you.
To be frank, I used to hate your crowdedness.

The long queues at metro stations of Line 1, Line 2 or Line 3.

The packed bus stations during rush hours. 

The crowds in milky tea shops, be it a HeyTea or a Song Tea. 

And even the crowds of gull-feeders.

But now, I really want to be close to you.
I’d visit the Dianchi lakeside parks, the Green Lake, and the Western Hills for the folklores and snacks there. 

I’d feed the seagulls, drink the milky tea and ride packed metros and buses.

Kunming, I miss you a lot.


Alas, Kunming! I miss you.
These days, the entire city is desolate.
Every day, I can only idle in my room,
Lazy and lifeless like you.

I miss the days when I get up early in the morning, 

Getting stuck on the way to my work like the peers.

I miss the crowded bus.

I miss and the bustling downtown Kunming.

I miss the crowds on Nanping Street.

I miss the folks at Hang Lung plaza.

I miss the amazing Panlong river.

I miss the stories and feelings particular to Kunming locals.

I miss the food and video games, 

As well as the packed coffee houses at morn.

Kunming, I miss you so much.


Hi, Kunming! I miss you.
I miss the days when we didn’t wear masks,
Basked in the warm sunshine of early February.

I miss the quarrelling workmates in the office,
The express delivery workers,
The fresh takeaways that reached us without leaving the room,
And my lover on the run, modern but rustic at times.

Kunming, you have left me with endless sweet memories.
When we get through the bleak winter and win the battle against the virus,
I will give you a deep hug, tightly.
I miss you, Kunming.

By Gateway reporters 

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