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Cute panda moves to new home in Yunnan

Updated:2020-04-29 17:29:06   Yunnan Gateway

Maozhu, a lovely giant panda, moved to his new home in the Kunming-based Yunnan Wildlife Park on April 28, drawing in quite a few panda fans.

"Such a beautiful new home, I really envy them," said a visitor surnamed Sun, a 6-year-old child who was informed of the reopening of panda pavilion.

The panda pavilion of the Yunnan park has been closed for renovation since November 21 last year, during which Maozhu and his partner had a long vacation at the Panda Research Base in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

The panda pair returned to Yunnan on the morning of April 20, and they were picked up by the park staff at Kunming airport. 

So far the five-year-old pandas have adapted to the new environment. And they are ready to greet more visitors in the upcoming May Day holiday, which will last from May 1 to 5 this year. 

Reporting by Wang Huan and Li Wenjun (Yunnan Daily); trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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