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Yuanyang Hani paddy fields adopts new farming model

Updated:2020-05-14 19:02:51   Yunnan Gateway

Running the scenic area of the Hani terraced paddy fields in south Yunnan for years, the Yuanyang branch of the OCT (Overseas Chinese Town) Yunnan Expo Tourist Group adopted a new business model this year, allowing more tourists and business partners to join in the effort to preserve the world-renowned agro-heritage and raise local folks out of poverty. 

Once becoming a signed VIP tourist or partner of the Yuanyang Company, one has the privilege to join locals in experiencing the traditional farming activities in a designated field: transplanting the rice seedlings in spring and tasting new rice in autumn. 

“It’s great fun to try rice planting,”said Mr. Ma, who recently participated in the company’s spring farming in Hani terraced fields. Having become a VIP tourist, Ma can enter the scenic area of Yuangyang Hani terraced fields for free and enjoy discounts at the hotels and restaurants in the scenic area. 

Wang Wanqiu, deputy manager of the Yuanyang tourist company said that the new business model help the local famers sell their ago-products and gain more income, letting more people know about terraced fields and its protection. 

So far, more than 20 local families have participated in the new farming model, with more than two hectares of paddy fields outsourced to the company.

“I’m happy that my 0,3-hectare patty field is now run by the Yuanyang company,” said local villager Li Xiaoer, adding he will no longer worry about how to sell out the rice. Having joint the new model, his rice has been ordered by the company in advance at a higher price.

Over the years, the OCT Yunnan Expo Tourist Group has invested over 380 million Yuan in the terraced patty fields, turning the area into a first-rate tourist attraction in China. By funding the conservation projects for the Hani terraced fields and recruiting local villagers into tourist services, the group contributed to local ecology and poverty alleviation. 

In total, the expo tourist group has carried out similar practices in over 100 scenic villages across Yunnan. And together with its 500 plus business partners, the  group offered around 1,500 job opportunities to villagers, benefiting around 7,000. 

Reporting by Yao Chengcheng and Li Wenjun; trans-editing by Li Yushuangyue and Wang Shixue

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