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Night snacks make Kunming more dynamic

Updated:2020-06-11 18:21:37   Yunnan Gateway

"Night economy" is a Chinese way to make the night lively and dynamic. Since its birth, the new economic pattern, which aims to increase domestic demand and spur consumption in China, has gained popularity nationwide amid the on-going Covid-19 pandemic. 

Accordingly, Yunnan province has released a policy to promote night economy in April this year. From now on, we will have some special reports on the new phenomenon of night economy. Today, let’s take a look at some Yunnan night snacks, and here are the highlights in downtown Kunming. 

Henglong Plaza

"As the largest commercial complex in Kunming, Henglong Plaza is struggling to shake off the impact of the epidemic, and 80% of our customers have come back," said the person in charge of market operation of the mall. 

By joining hands with merchants to hold joint promotional activities, the shopping mall plans to create more possibilities for consumption. Parties with different themes will be held regularly in rooftop restaurants, so as to extend the business hours. The mall will have more quality services at night. 

Nanqiang Street

In November last year, Nanqiang Street created a special night market. Yunhaiyao, a Yunnan food brand, caught the business opportunity of the night market and sets up stalls outside the store, selling traditional Kunming snacks.

With the covid-19 on the wane and the increase of traffic flow, other stores on the street extended the business hours, offering special barbecues and summer drinks for consumers to choose from. 

Qibuxiang, a restaurant featuring tofu dishes on the Nanqiang street, is enjoying a booming business. 90% of its diners have come back, and most of them preferred to dine here at night. 

To better serve the night diners, the restaurant plans to set up a stall at the entrance to sell specialties. The service, where diners can get closer to each other, will be easy, well-accepted, and down to earth.

Shuncheng Mall

At 12 p.m., most shops at Kunming's Shuncheng Mall are closed, but the Yitouwu was selling barbecue of the Tokyo flavor. The midnight dining service is effective to ward off the epidemic impact.

The business hours of Yitouwu lasts from 21:30 to 01:00, when waiters are in leisure wears to create a relaxing air for customers. At the same time, consumers could get a 15% discount. To boost midnight dining, security staff members allowed diners to enter freely.

All walks of life in Kunming are trying their best to provide convenience to the consumers, including waiters, shop assistants, taxi drivers, the municipal authority and business operators. By working together, the night economy will be promising.

Reporting by Li Zha, Han Chengyuan and Li Hengqiang; trans-editing by Wang Shixue and Yuan Yingcen

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