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Flower element seen in Yunnan cultural heritages

Updated:2020-06-24 19:44:00   Yunnan Gateway

In Yunnan province, flower images can be seen on golden crafts, silver wares, wood carvings, and traditional paintings. And you can also find flowers either on the Naxi embroidery, the Tibetan Thangkas, or the Baisha wall paintings in northwest Yunnan.

The flowery images are part of the cultural heritages in Yunnan, most of which are now inherited by designated persons. Statistics show Yunnan has 7,631 cultural heritages, including 105 national heritages, 450 provincial ones and 2,103 prefectural ones.

The Dai paper-cutting and the Tibetan Gesar epic tradition are listed among the UNESCO intangible heritages of humanity. There are 11,055 inheritors for cultural heritages in Yunnan, including 125 national inheritors and 960 provincial ones. Welcome to beautiful Yunnan!

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