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The smiles of Yunnan folks after shaking off poverty

Updated:2020-08-17 11:50:19   Yunnan Gateway

2020 marks the year that China determines to achieve the goal of eradicating extreme poverty and building a moderately well-off, or Xiao Kang society, in all aspects. 

Under the leadership of president Xi Jinping, people from across the Yunnan province have already joined this battle against poverty, in hope of bringing a better life to every person on this land. 

The smiles after shaking off poverty are probably the sweetest ones that Yunnan people have ever had. And this has to be attributed to the good governance of China.

Writing by Li Xiangxiong; videos making by Zhao Jiaqi and Xi Yuanxi; trans-editing by Wang Jingzhong 

Keywords:   smiles shaking poverty