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Two Pu’er heritage handcrafts win awards

Updated:2021-11-26 10:22:20   

A few days ago, the 4th Kunming Camellia Cultural and Creative Design Competition announced the finals winners, including two pieces of Pu'er intangible heritage handcrafts: the black hand-shaped pottery and the silver teapot called Xianghu.

The black hand-shaped pottery was inspired by the northbound wandering wild Asian elephants that travelled from Xishuangbanna, Pu'er, Honghe, Yuxi, all the way to Kunming. The craftsman used techniques with a 400-year history, making it win the bronze prize.

In the shape of an Asian elephant, the silver teapot Xianghu has been endowed with natural and cultural elements of Pu'er. The teapot signals wealth, auspiciousness and peace, securing the copyright award.

Diverse ethnic groups had made Pu’er a place of cultural heritages, such as Hani costumes, Wa brocades, colored woodcuts, clay pottery, Yi embroidery and more.

Reporting by Zhu Zheng and Pu Xinnan (Pu’er Wenlü Information); Photos by Camellia Cultural and Creative Design Competition; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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