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COP15: Lashihai reserve is miniature of biodiversity

Updated:2021-09-15 17:51:36   

The Lashihai Lake reserve in northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang City forms a paradise for 326 kinds of animals, including 235 birds, 25 fish, 31 amphibians and reptiles and 35 mammals.

Apart from animals, the lake-side reserve is home to 566 plant species that consist of 150 aquatic plants and 416 land ones.

Ruddy Shelduck (Lijiang Lashihai Reserve Management and Protection Bureau)

Bar-headed Goose (He Yunfeng)

Greylag Goose (He Yunfeng)

Purple swamphen (He Yunfeng)

Lying near a section of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road, the Lashihai lake is also a good place for tourists to watch waterfowls on a boat.

The area was listed as a Yunnan nature reserve in June 1998. Since then, the reserve has grown to be a miniature of biodiversity conservation.  

Ottelia acuminata (He Yunfeng)

Saussurea (Li Luyun)

Gentian (Li Luyun)

Motherwort (Li Luyun)

Chinese meadow-rue (Zhang Guoxue)

Cyananthus  (Zhang Guoxue)

Reporting by Mu Qiongxiao (Wenlv Headlines); Source: Lijiang Lashihai Reserve Management and Protection Bureau; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

Keywords:   COP15 Lashihai biodiversity