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Pu'er heritage hall listed in cultural-protection book

Updated:2022-01-12 18:03:09   

The Pu'er intangible cultural heritage exhibition hall has been included in a recent book -- China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Memorabilia (2021). This marks a new progress in the cultural protection by Pu’er city, southwest Yunnan.

The publication is sponsored by the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association and compiled by China Culture Media Group. It recorded the annual protection work for China’s intangible cultural heritages.

Opened in September 2021, the Pu'er exhibition hall was established in the Jingsu teahouse in Pu’er city. Covering 1,680 square meters, it displays the ABCs and latest achievements of Pu'er intangible cultural heritages in differed ways.

The hall now displays nine heritages, such as Jinshui leaking seal, Pu'er tea pressing, out-of-print woodcut, Hani embroidery, Zhenyuan black pottery, Dai bamboo weaving, and others. It has grown to be a touristy site.

Reporting by Zhu Zheng (Pu’er Wenlü Information); Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

Keywords:   intangible cultural heritage Pu'er