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Hi, Yuxi: Take China-Laos train to meet Huayao people

Updated:2022-01-14 18:08:24   

The Huayao people are a branch the Dai ethnic group, who mostly dwell in Gasa township of Xinping Yi and Dai autonomous county, central Yunnan’s Yuxi city.

Since the China-Laos Railway opened last month, more people have known Xinping. With diverse landscapes and ethnic cultures, Xinping has become a hot spot for traveling.

The most typical costume for Huayao women is the straw hat and colorful pattern on the waist.

Huayao people live in the Honghe river valley, and the remote environment allowed them to fully preserve the original Dai culture including religious beliefs, teeth dyeing, tattoo and clothing.

Reporting by Wang Yanhua (Wenlü Headline); Photos by Cui Wenjun, Cao Lei and Yang Xiaodong; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi 

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