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A Yunnan girl famous for repairing machines

Updated:2022-01-11 17:56:05   

By sharing videos of repairing machines, Lin Guoer, a girl blogger from the mountainous Yanjin county, northeast Yunnan’s Zhaotong city, has been followed by more than 6 million and liked by tens of millions.

Lin’s daily work is repairing used machines, appliances, engines and generators from local villagers. After repairing, every piece of used machinery will look brand new.

After graduating from university, Lin returned to her hometown, starting her business of machine renovation from scratch and shooting videos for advertising.

"The happiest time for me is when a machine is repaired and works again. The likes for my videos have made me confident," said Lin.

 When it came to the future, Lin said she would work harder and make her hometown known to more.

Source: Xinhua Net; Trans-editing by Yang Xuan

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