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Beautiful Yunnan makes home of life, land of abundance

Updated:2020-05-28 11:50:28   Yunnan Gateway

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Yunnan enjoys natural beauty all year round. Spring with flowers is a good time for outing. Summer is a season for tasting wild mushrooms. The autumn days are full of fruit fragrance, and winter sees gulls bask in the sunshine lakeside.

Yunnan’s biodiversity stands out in China. The province is a top 17 Chinese biodiversity areas and one of the 34 spots with the richest species worldwide. As a treasure house of biodiversity, it forms an eco-shield in southwest China.

Dubbed as the world’s germplasm bank of species, Yunnan has 364 plant families that belong to 3,204 genera and 26,560 species. Of theses, over 1,000 species are particular to the province. The flora diversity has added radiance to the beautiful province. 

To increase Yunnan’s visibility, we now open a special column to showcase fine videos from the public. If you have any videos regarding the beauty of Yunnan, please email us at: 3517729557@qq.com (Note: Entitle the e-mail as “Beautiful Yunnan with Flowers in Blossom"). Your contribution is highly appreciated.

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