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Tickets for Yunnan section of China-Laos Railway on sale

Updated:2021-12-02 18:27:12   

Staring on the morning of December 2, train tickets for the Yuxi-Mohan section of the China-Laos Railway in southwest China’s Yunnan province was available, said China Railway Kunming Group. 

A total of 17.5 pairs of CR200J Fuxing EMU trains will be operated during the early stage of operation on the Chinese section. The ticket prices will vary according to travel seasons, and discounts of 55% to 90% will be offered to encourage train rides.
A first-class train ticket from central Yunnan’s Kunming city to the border town of Mohan costs 271 yuan, while a second-class ticket costs 244 yuan.
Starting from Kunming, the 1,000km China-Laos Railway running southward to Vientiane, Laos will open to traffic tomorrow, including the Yunnan localities Pu'er and Xishuangbanna into the international communication network.  
Soon it will only take around three and a half hours for one to travel from Kunming to Xishuangbanna and less than three hours from Kunming to Pu'er, cutting the traditional traveling hours by half or more.

Reporting by Ding Yiquan (Xinhua); Trans-editing by Yang Xuan 

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