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Hi, Yuxi: Kanglang fish among top 10 aquatic resources

Updated:2021-12-03 18:35:26   

The Kanglang fish, or Anabarilius graham, was included in the list of the top 10 Chinese aquatic germplasm resources, said the Ministry of Agriculture at a press conference on November 23. The ministry also released the winners of top 10 Chinese crops, as well as top 10 Chinese livestock and poultry.

Especially demanding in water quality and environment, the Kanglang fish is a rare indigenous fish living only in the Fuxian Lake, central Yunnan’s Yuxi city. They live in groups on open water, swimming quickly and braving the waves. Its meat is tender and delicious, with protein making up 20.6%.

The Kanglang fish was once endangered due to overfishing. In order to protect it, Yuxi rolled out the conservation plan for native fishes, increasing the population in Fuxian.

Source: Xinhua Net; Photos by Huxian Lake Management; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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