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Yunnan has been back to fight COVID 19

Updated:2021-12-28 10:49:45   

In the past 4 days, a few cases of COVID-19 have been found across Yunnan Province.

On December 24, 4 cases were reported in Chenggong, Kunming. A day later on December 25,one more case was found in Kunming’s Anning. And on December 27, a person from outside the province was tested positive for COVID-19 in Jinghong, southern Yunnan.

We shall all stand up to fight the COVID-19!

As the Languang Tianjiaocheng residential area in Chenggong is now marked as a place with medium-risk level, all residents have been quarantined. So far, 16,837 nucleic acid test reports have been collected, and the entire residential area has completed its sterilization.

Anning city has taken immediate action to strictly control the access to schools, supermarkets and hospitals. As many as 19,955 residents have received nucleic acid tests.

Jinghong has offered free nucleic acid tests to every citizen. All wet markets, supermarkets, scenic areas and schools within the city have been closed.

On December 25, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued an emergency notice with immediate effect: Any inter-provincial tourist activities should be suspended.

All medicines to treat fever and cough are temporarily unavailable at pharmacies. The Yunnan Grand Theater, Chenggong Exhibition Center as well as all cinemas in Chenggong have already been closed.

It is unsurprisingly cold in Kunming in late December. But the volunteers, medical staff and police officials working outside the Languang Tianjiaocheng residential area keep giving all citizens a feeling of safety and warmth.

Currently, there are around 21,000 people being quarantined in this residential area. Over 1,100 staff are working a 24-hour shift to make sure that all residents have access to their daily necessities.

A temporary medical station


Staff bring food into the residential area


Medical staff

Police officers at the main gate

As new cases have been found in this residential area, all people in Kunming should take better care of themselves.

Although your health QR code still looks green, you might need to provide a nucleic acid test certificate of past 48 hours for traveling to some other Chinese cities.

The Kunming Center for Disease Control and Prevention Suggests:

1. Always wear mask properly in public places. Mask is essential in both open and closed spaces.

2. Maintain personal hygiene and a good supply of fresh air ventilation at home; practice social distancing and do NOT attend any gathering or party.

3. Scan health QR code and take temperature in public places. Contact the local authorities immediately once you find your code is no longer green.

4. Receive vaccines to help better protect yourself.

5. Follow your daily routine and habit, and keep doing exercise on a daily basis.

6. Go to hospital mediately if you find yourself having symptoms such as fever and cough, and avoid public transports for commute.

7. Stay where you live and do NOT travel to cities in high-risk areas.  

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