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Int’l stone expo opens in Kunming on July 7

Updated:2021-07-09 20:35:56   

The 2021 China Kunming International Stone Expo opened at Kunming International Exposition Center on July 8. The five-day exposition aims to carry forward the stone culture and prosper the jewelry industry.

Visitors to the expo were impressed by the rich variety of stones, such as jade, jewelry, coral, Huanlong jade and more. They said the stones broadened their horizons.

The expo covers 50,000 square meters in total, with seminars, lectures and art shows on jewelries concurrently held for citizens.

The expo is highlighted by ornamental meteorites from all over the country. All are either on display or for sale. The lucky visitors got free meteorite specimens presented by the staff.

The stone expo has been held annually in Kunming since 2007, and it is now the largest of its kind in Asia. In the future, it will be more international, professional, and standardized.

Source from Kaiping News; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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